Michael Headshot (2)Michael R. Castle Miller

Executive Director

Michael is an attorney who has helped develop special economic zone programs in over a dozen countries. Read more about Michael >>

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Lotta MobergDr. Lotta Moberg
Director of Economics

Lotta is a macroeconomic analyst focused on special economic zones.
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Harold Godsoe

Harold Godsoe
Director of Law and Policy, Secretary

Harold is an attorney focused on international trade policy for special economic zones.
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Jean-Paul GauthierJP Headshot (2).
Senior Consultant

Jean-Paul is the world’s leading expert in special economic zone law and regulation.
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speakers_katiDr. Kati Suominen
Senior Trade Economist

Kati is a trade economist who advises senior policy makers on trade policy.
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Joshua StaceyJoshua Stacey Headshot
Forced Displacement Consultant

Joshua is a social anthropologist focused on humanitarian responses to crises in Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.
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Jean-Francois MaystadtJean-Francois Maystadt
Economic Consultant

Jean-Francois is a development economist specialized in the study of conflicts, natural disasters, and forced migration.
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Marisa Headshot (2)Marisa Menezes

Marisa is a lawyer specialized in transitional justice and legal refugee issues.
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Gregory SongGreg Headshot (2)
Research Assistant

Gregory is a strategist working toward economic development and opportunities in the context of refugee crises.
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