Our organization envisions taking the following steps to making the Refugee Cities concept a reality:

1. Utilizing a team of economists, lawyers, and social scientists to conduct a thorough search into the areas of the world in with

(i) the least political and cultural opposition to the establishment of a refugee city
(ii) the greatest need for a more durable solution for refugees, and
(iii) the greatest economic potential for the success of the refugee cities (and their residents) and for the surrounding communities.

2. Based on the above findings, we would develop a list of priority areas and find strategic partners to help advance the effort, including international NGOs, government aid and development agencies, the UNHCR, and inter-governmental development institutions.

3. Build the case for refugee cities to key influencers:

(i) the political and economic rationale for government and local populations
(ii) the business case for investors: the unique availability of skilled refugee labor, the development of an efficient business regulatory and operating environment, the development of infrastructure, access to markets, etc., and
(iii) the case for refugees and their advocates: NGOs, aid and development organizations, and governments supporting refugee relief efforts.

4. Engage with local stakeholders in the prioritized areas and advocate for national legislation laying the groundwork for refugee cities as outlined above.

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