Jean-Paul GauthierJP Headshot (2).
Senior Consultant

Jean-Paul Gauthier is the world’s leading legal expert on Special Economic Zones (SEZ),
and has helped advise on or draft numerous laws and regulations for SEZ programs around the world. He regularly consults with the World Bank, UNIDO, and other development institutions in both an individual capacity and as CEO of Locus Economica, a legal and policy consulting firm specializing in SEZs. He is also the current Secretary-General of WEPZA, the world’s first SEZ trade association.

Jean-Paul has over 25 years experience working in or with nearly 100 countries as an attorney and economist specializing in trade and investment, economic zones, competitiveness, infrastructure and spatial development initiatives, and governance and administrative reform. He has led teams for a number of international donor agencies and is highly knowledgeable regarding global best practices in regulatory frameworks for private sector development. Jean-Paul has also counseled corporate clients on finance; M&A; real estate, construction and environmental law; intellectual property, e-commerce & telecommunications; tax & investment incentives; work visas & labor law; competition; incorporation; and contracts.

Before forming Locus Economica, Jean-Paul was the point-person for SEZ Law at the World Bank Group, having worked within its Foreign Investment Advisory Service (FIAS), MIGA Investment Marketing, and the Europe Central Asia Urban Infrastructure Departments.  He was also a Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting and Bearing Point and a Manager of Law Reform at The Services Group (AECOM International Development). He has a certificate in Management Leadership from Yale School of Management, Masters degrees in International Economics and Political Science from Johns Hopkins, SAIS, and a LL.B. in Civil and Common Law from the Université de Montréal.